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SF State Deb & Heidi
Welcome Mark!
Megan Eberhardt csuci
hi. joining from my car today. nothing new since our last meeting. trying to keep pace with the semester
SF State Deb & Heidi
Ashley, this is repetitive for you, and we’ll be talking about all of this in our presentation, so don’t need to repeat it for the group, but to make it more convenient for you to copy into your slides…We completed our Online Teaching Lab Winter Learning Community in January (40 faculty). Our 3-part QLT Hybrid Workshop starts next week. Yesterday we did a workshop on Video for Online Teaching and Learning workshop. Lots more to come!
James - Chico
Chico update: QLT FLC cohort running, CAL$ cohort running and others. New ed tech organization in discussion which may position Chico to be more agile and effective. No formal LMS migration discussions. Full Ally deployment and remediation services rolling.
Eric Davis (CPP)
Updates for Cal Poly Pomona:(a) PolyTeach, PolyTeach, PolyTeach! Our big event -- Do the Flip! -- featuring keynote speaker Dr. Kevin Kelly is only a couple weeks away. It's free and available to everyone. Register and learn more: https://www.cpp.edu/polyteach/(b) eLearning Accessibility Champions (EACH) Program: We're continuing into the 2nd semester of this program, in which a faculty representative from each of our colleges act as accessibility/QA liaisons for their peers. They offer workshops, outreach emails, and assist our eLearning Instructional Designers with developing an online "Fundamentals of Accessibility eCertificate" course. Learn more: https://www.cpp.edu/facultycenter/each/(c) Informal Quality Matters (QM) course reviews: many of our eLearning IDs are undergoing informal QM course reviews by faculty request (at least 3 that I know of), one of which will proceed to official QM certification upon satisfactory completion of their informal review.(d) eLearning Summer Institute (EDSI: Engaging
Monica Munoz-CSUEB
CSUEB: working on getting more QM certified courses (currently at 140 total) we are running webinars and workshops that focus on inclusivity (Ally and GrackleDocs and making courses accessible, Designing for Mobile Learning, etc.) and we are currently looking for a new adaptive learning tool because Smart Sparrow has been acquired by Pearson so our Online Transfer Orientation and various department modules will need to be rebuild in a new platform
Eric Davis (CPP)
I got cut off!*(d) eLearning Summer Institute (EDSI: Engaging the Digital Student Initiative): we're putting the initial planning into our week-long pedagogy/tech bootcamp for faculty, to be held the week of May 18.(e) Blackboard (Bb) Ally pilot: after several years, we're finally switching on Bb Ally for all courses in Fall (mid-August)!(f) Bb Managed Hosting to SaaS migration: we're making the jump to SaaS in May. We plan on sticking with the Original experience and may consider Ultra in a couple years.
Ashley Skylar
PolyTeach 1 day conference - https://www.cpp.edu/polyteach/
Joel Gould
Sonoma State: Also running a semester-long Ally Pilot with 10 faculty members. Introducing UDL, Ally, and basic remediation. Main goals: develop internal training materials, messaging, techniques and remediation work flows for full Ally rollout next fall. Determining what will work best for faculty.
Hillary Kaplowitz
CSUN - This Winter we did an eLearning Institute focused on online teaching/QLT and will continue work with them throughout the semester with a final day in May (11 faculty). We are running our Online Teaching and Learning Workshop series, which is a three part, nine hour workshop for two groups (20 total). We have a group doing the QLT Peer Review course coming up (7). Looking at doing some more internal and then external reviews with QLT. Then lots of other professional development programs not directly related to QLT.
Hillary Kaplowitz
No mic or video today for me - so posted above
Have any of you had success using an external PDF document accessibilty remediation company?
Hillary Kaplowitz
During semester its online
Hillary Kaplowitz
And then one final day in May
Hillary Kaplowitz
In person
Barbara Taylor
@april we remediate PDFs in house. We are working on a guide for instructors to help them with the top 5 issues we see.
Hillary Kaplowitz
They will be doing a self review and internal peer review
Jeff Suarez-Grant (LA)
FYI: LA has an ID position open too.
Eric Davis (CPP)
@Barbara: On behalf of April, we'd love to see your documentation if you're willing to share! PDFs are definitely a pain point
Hillary Kaplowitz
We have an open position too right now at CSU Northridge! Beautiful SoCal!
Tonia Malone - SLO
SLO: Catherine is our QOLT person so I am not sure what she is doing - all though it is a lot. We are migrated to Canvas - so my whole world is Canvas right now. Ally is purchased and we are looking at doing a soft roll-out in Fall 2020. Inclusivity is all via Sarah and she is working on supporting inclusive teaching via the CTLT.
Tonia Malone - SLO
workshops_ https://ctlt.calpoly.edu/workshops
Barbara Taylor
Also, if you haven’t submitted a proposal to the CSU Tech Conference, the deadline is this Friday. It will be in Sacramento.
Barbara Taylor
Jeff Suarez-Grant (LA)
Thanks Barbara for the heads up!
Ashley Skylar
Love the humanizing aspects! of your trainings
Kristin Denver
Sorry if I missed this - Approximately how many participants per facilitated session? Just curious about the bandwidth needed for facilitator engagement.
Kristin Denver
Thank you :)
Marjorie Shepard
This is fabulous. Both your presentation and the asynchronous program you developed. Thank you
Barbara Taylor
Would be great if you could share your course with us.
Jeff Suarez-Grant (LA)
Thanks Deb and Heidi!
SF State Deb & Heidi
Hi Barbara, we’re trying to figure out the best option for sharing the course - our LMS requires an SFSU.edu email address, but we’re very interested in sharing! Thanks!
Barbara Taylor
We are a Moodle campus and I can put it on one of our servers that doesn’t require a CSUSM account. =)
Barbara Taylor
I would need a backup of the course to restore it.
Ashley Skylar
SF State Deb & Heidi
@Barbara, interesting! I’ll follow up with you via email. What’s your email?
Barbara Taylor
@deb and Heidi - btaylor@csusm.edu
SF State Deb & Heidi
Thanks Barbara!
Tonia Malone - SLO
If ID’s have support information about Moodle-Canvas migration training/support, please share with me tmalone@calpoly.edu.
Ashley Skylar
SF State Deb & Heidi
We have a 10am to get to. Thanks everyone!