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cynthia melendrez San Marcos
We keep continuing working with the Faculty Center providing training to faculty. We are preparing a new Faculty Learning Community Mindfulness Online Learning. Some of our faculty are going to take the QLT training, and we keep reviewing courses (QLT). Some faculty wants to complete the core 24 to certified their classes.
Kim Vincent-Layton - Humboldt
Humboldt just launched a call out for our Spring Course Transformation Institute (CTI) focused on supporting disciplinary-based groups as they transform their identified courses to further a department or program level goal. Each disciplinary-based group will examine fundamental course structures while uncovering big ideas and essential questions, explicate the student-thinking goals, and develop an implementation plan to work on during Spring 2021. An emphasis is placed on developing learning experiences in online courses AND in highly flexible instructional contexts where students move between learning modalities within a course (face-to-face, online, blended, asynchronous/synchronous, etc.) to further institutional and program level goals; however, projects are not limited to this emphasis. QLT Self-reviews will be part of the foundational work.
Shradha Tibrewal
We, at Stan State, will be offering an Online Course (Re)design Institute this January, for the first time. Our OAT is offering some workshops as well.
Mary Bennett
Fresno State: Moved to Panopto for streaming server so lots of training on the tool and Canvas integration, mini-modules in Canvas focused on tools, equity, assessment, pedagogy, etc. and faculty have the opportunity to receive a badge upon completion. QLT courses and 2 semester long institutes are offered. The new subcommittee for online and blended teaching are working on their policies and evaluation of courses that were backlogged due to COVID.
Beverly Bondad-Brown
Cal State LA: Each semester we run our Designing Online Courses (DOC) program. 22 faculty completed last spring. 26 faculty are finishing up this semester. Will run another cohort in Spring. Prepping to train and support Labster and GoReact. College of Education will pilot Ally. I am facilitating a new workshop called “Check for Understanding” on how to engage students in synchronous Zoom meetings. This term we got 5 faculty through QM’s PRC course so we have more peer reviewers on our campus who are eager to do QM peer reviews.
Kim Vincent-Layton - Humboldt
Addition to HSU - our QLT Peer Review team has been busy with peer reviews throughout the fall and will continue into the spring.
Catherine Cal Poly SLO
Cal Poly - continuing with our training programs, last year-long academy group, and starting in 2021 we are pushing to create a set of online course peer reviewers in every college so we can continue with internal QLT reviews. Launching Ally this year (forgot to mention!) as well as adapting the course modification forms to our new AS Resolution on Online Teaching & Learning. Hoping to have a lot of online courses moving forward!
Marvin Mayo
CSULB Updates• Having some faculty/instructional designers take the QM APPQMR and IYOC Facilitator Certification Courses. Hoping to offer these courses in Spring 2021• Created a 3 tiered model of the QM Checklist for faculty (Tier 1 = 9 Standards AMI Focused; Tier 2 = 24 Standards; Tier 3 = 30-42 Standards)• Remaining Cares Act Funding to incentivize any new or existing faculty who did not do Online Professional Development During Summer 2020. Our Online Learning Studio starting in Winter 2021.• New Tools: Gradescope, Playposit, BBAlly, H5P
Megan Eberhardt
EDUCAUSE Article on ID Burnout - https://er.educause.edu/blogs/2020/12/burned-out-stories-of-compassion-fatigue
Mark Laumakis
thanks, Megan :)
Megan Eberhardt
So excited to participate in the Academy this summer!!!
Kim Vincent-Layton - Humboldt
April Dawn (she/her/hers)
At Cal Poly Pomona we have our Champions for Accessibility and Inclusivity (CHAI) in place and they have been providing workshops within their 8 colleges. Our ID team is continuing our work on a Fundamentals of Accessibility eCertificate which our CHAI faculty are helping us develop. We have started a Technology Tuesdays Series for faculty. We’ve launched our Remote Course Design experience as an online, asynchronous, self-enrollable course. Bb Ally is active in all of our courses this semester. We also launched a new version of our Quality Matters Blackboard template. Since 2008 we have had a program call Wall of COOL where we recognize and celebrate exemplar course design that effectively uses technology to enhance student learning and success, so we have just selected our (4) faculty for this upcoming year. Finally, we’re starting a new QM informal review with hope of another formal review in the near future.
April Dawn (she/her/hers)
April Dawn (she/her/hers)
Kim Vincent-Layton - Humboldt
@Megan so happy to hear you will be part of the Academy!
Mark Laumakis
yes, I have been wondering about a slowdown in demand for support from faculty as they see an end to this crisis via the roll-out of vaccines in 2021
Anne Soon Choi, CSUDH
CSUDH: So both the director and I are new to our FDC and we are slowly rebuilding QM on our campus. We had 10 faculty complete QM training this fall. We continue to focus on our summer training with semester long series of “Lunch and learn workshops.” With all the new tech tools, we have been working on FERPA and student privacy responsibilities for faculty. We have also been running college specific “best practices and tips.” We are spending the month hold drop-in sessions for faculty to lay out active learning strategies. We FINALLY acquired PADLET for campus! We are also rolling out BB ultra. We are also establishing our informal QM campus review team.
Anne Soon Choi, CSUDH
@mark——I had three faculty mention that this week….
Mark Laumakis
interesting, Anne
Megan Eberhardt
CSUCI: We have launched a Faculty Mentor Program that includes eight Faculty Mentors representing different discipline areas each supporting related academic programs. Available for Peer-to-Peer Support. Mentors provide consistent outreach and hold a weekly office hour. They meet with our Learning Design Team twice a month to discuss campus needs and share ideas. https://www.csuci.edu/tli/tli-faculty-mentors.htm*Virtual Learning Data Brief based on student survey through Ekhobot: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/my-drive**We will offer T.H.R.I.V.E. 2.0 January 5th-19th. Foundations of Online Teaching Course is aligned to Core 24. We’ve updated the Equity In Action Microcourse and our instructional technology team is creating a Beyond Canvas Course, which is more tool focused.**Spring 2021 Faculty Inquiry Program (FIP) meeting as a ‘Feedback Circle’ for peer to peer course feedback. This is being facilitated by our QA Faculty Lead and Faculty Partner.
Megan Eberhardt
**Working with PlayPosit and (hopefully) moving forward on a Writing and Multiliteracy Center Flipped workshop project
Mark Laumakis
I totally understand their thinking. The opportunity cost of investing in additional training to teach online is significant and may not ultimately be worth it, if we are gonna get instructors back into the classroom in the foreseeable future.
April Dawn (she/her/hers)
Donya and I need to leave for another meeting. We posted our CPP updates in the chat above.
Bradford Owen
CSUSB: -Preparing a 1,000-user Canvas pilot program for Spring semester 2021 (we are currently in Blackboard); -Developing 43 quality online courses using QLT instrument in Fall Virtual Teaching Program; - Just sent call for Spring Virtual Teaching Program with $1,500 incentive to faculty to take QLT Q1 or (for Q1 alumnae) the new "Advanced QLT" course and commit to develop and teach a quality online course in AY 2021-2022; - Working on an accessibility short course to be housed in CSU Learn that will be required of all CSUSB faculty; -Developing schedule of twice-weekly workshops for Spring, including new ones on visually-designed syllabi and Portfolium
Jessica Weiss, She/Her/Hers
CSUEB--Asynchronous training in online teaching for faculty in January 'intersession.' Covers the topics that we covered in our Summer/Fall Institutes.
Chiara Ferrari
it’s integrated with Blackboard, though, right?
Chiara Ferrari
we just had a demo
Megan Eberhardt
Megan Eberhardt
Please share what you do!!!
Beverly Bondad-Brown
I know we shared some of our self-paced training with the CO. They are ready to be adopted by other CSU campuses.
Mark Laumakis
SDSU support materials re: PlayPosit:
Mark Laumakis
Jessica Weiss, She/Her/Hers
Do you have a screen shot of the 'care package?
Jessica Weiss, She/Her/Hers
Shradha Tibrewal
Love this idea!!!
Kim Vincent-Layton - Humboldt
@Megan I have looked at this and it is truly incredible!
Marvin Mayo
This care package is great!
Jessica Weiss, She/Her/Hers
Megan Eberhardt
Data Brief: https://drive.google.com/file/d/19VUQwJH5C6LyKOOKFUKIEynKKFN-r570/view?usp=sharing
Megan Eberhardt
Care Package from CSUCI - I got permission to share early! :) https://sites.google.com/myci.csuci.edu/tlicarepackagefall2020/home
Kim Vincent-Layton - Humboldt
Sorry to run - have a 10:00 to prep for. Thanks for all the sharing! I am truly grateful for all of you :-)
Anne Soon Choi, CSUDH
Have a good break everyone!