Online Course Services PLC 2021-2022 - Shared screen with speaker view
Catherine Hillman CP SLO
Just coping with faculty burnout over here
cynthia melendrez CSUSM
CSUSM: we are doing 9 QLT internal reviews, Faculty Center provided one workshop “Tea and Teaching Online”. We do not have much to report.
Mary Bennett, Fresno State
Fresno State gearing up for spring: HyFlex training, DISCOVERe cohort, ACUE Inclusive Teaching
Rachael Jordan (she/her) - CSUCI
CSUCI - We are running the QLT course for our Digital Learning Mentors, continuing a partnership with OneHE (just finished a 5-day engagement there), and getting ready to develop spring offerings and overhaul our course review process.
Anne Soon Choi CSUDH
We are just trying to schedule for the Winter. We are thinking about two weeks of “open lab time” where faculty can come and work on spring classes
Bradford Owen
We're currently using both Blackboard and Canvas, anticipating going to Canvas only after Spring 2022, pending faculty opinion as measured by surveys.
Anne Soon Choi CSUDH
People are very tired…
Thomas Jenkins CPP
CAFE - CPPCHAI Faculty are beginning to do workshops. Faculty are communicating to their respective colleges through emails that we have provided to them. We've had our September and October meetings and we are scheduling for November and December now.Continuing transition to Canvas, coordinating integrations in CanvasTwo informal QM reviews we are working on – with the hopes of escalating to formal reviews early next year.Poly Teach Lite at CPP- featuring Jose Bowen. In conjunction with Wall of Cool 😎
Anne Soon Choi CSUDH
We have in the summer…
Anne Soon Choi CSUDH
6 weeks and it was a really good experience
Chiara Ferrari
Chico: preparing for the Winter GoFlex training (January 5-12), and offering again 5 QLT workshops (twice) in Spring 2022. The call will go out on Monday 11/15 (for the QLT workshops)
Bradford Owen
CSUSB: We are again offering a "Quality Online Teaching Program" for Spring (funding $1,500), requirement take Q1 or Q3 and complete a quality asynch online course. Our target is 40 participants. Attrition from similar programs from the last two terms stands at 21%. Also sending a call for Cosynchronous Teaching Program (also $1,500), requires faculty to train in best practices and allow students with a legitimate need to attend class remotely by Zoom in our new "Next Generation Smart Classrooms."
Janett Silvers (she/her)
CSUN- we are gearing up for the Winter eLearning Institute, a program which engages faculty in both a self-review and peer review with the QLT rubric. CSUN is also continuing the HyFlex pilot in the spring and the ACUE- Effective Online Practices program. Our office is also working closely with the faculty applying for QLT certification and just finished two campus reviews.
Marvin Mayo - CSULB
CSULB - Offering faculty programs in upcoming Winter and Spring Semesters. Faculty Pathways Website: https://www.csulb.edu/academic-technology-services/instructional-design/faculty-pathways More PRCTraining for IDs, Master Reviewer Training for 2 Faculty. We plan on revamping our website to highlight faculty and all our QA/OCS efforts. Online Student Success Program – So far 1600 completions.
Mark Laumakis - SDSU
Our Flex-CDI (Course Design Institute) has been made available in the Canvas Commons here: https://lor.instructure.com/resources/1b3574e6302a4b52b592e1b9f2117b0b?shared
Kathy Arnold
Lots of COVID fatigue here at Maritime as well. All but 3 of the graduate online courses have been through an informal QLT review and made changes based on the peer recommendations. The remaining 3 will undergo that in 2022. Khaoi can report on the undergraduate activities.
Janett Silvers (she/her)
Thanks for sharing, Mark
Mark Laumakis - SDSU
Yes, the credit goes to Andrea Saltzman, Beth Pollard, and Michelle Peterson, our awesome people here who spearheaded that Flex-CDI training program.
Kristin Denver
SSU: we are working on the development of an online teaching policy (it is in its inception and will take time to move through the necessary parties on campus). We are also preparing for a January offering of our Level 2 program and have two QLT External Review applications in the pipeline. Finally, we are working internally to identify our SquAIR research question, our metrics, etc and how to begin collecting the data.
Thomas Jenkins CPP
Has anyone looked into ACTIVE CLASS? If so please contact me at tpjenkins@cpp.edu
Megan Eberhardt (she/her)
Great news!!!
Marvin Mayo - CSULB
CSULB Student Online Learning Success Program: https://www.csulb.edu/academic-technology-services/instructional-design/csulb-student-online-learning-success-program
Megan Eberhardt (she/her)
Ashley, will you be providing a reference list of the resources used to inform QLT?
Catherine Hillman CP SLO
Annotations not turned on
Catherine Hillman CP SLO
Are the x stamps indicating “no”?
Rachael Jordan (she/her) - CSUCI
My x is a no
Kathy Arnold
I am going to duck out - my program is fully online
Ashley Skylar
Janett Silvers (she/her)- CSUN
I’ll join for a few but need to leave at 9:45 for a POD conference session
Gina Baleria (SSU)
Hey All — need to drop off to teach at 10am. Good to see you!
Bryan Berrett
We use QLT badges and letters
Rachael Jordan (she/her) - CSUCI
Our badging is integrated with Canvas
Megan Eberhardt (she/her)
Thanks all! Off to next!
cynthia melendrez CSUSM
Thank you all! Have a safe weekend
Bryan Berrett