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Crystal Sims
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Shelli Wynants
Fullerton quick update: We have 2 faculty and 1 staff completing the DYOC facilitator training this month so our campus can offer an online and in-person (virtual synch) DYOC training this summer and fall. We have 46 faculty in our Blended/Flipped certificate program, which we will offer again this summer, along with about 16-20 "Teach remotely in Canvas" courses again.
Megan Eberhardt
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Deb Perry, SF State
SF State update: We just submitted our final round of the QLT Online Teaching Lab graduates, an additional 200 faculty completed for a total of 800 faculty completing during remote teaching. For Summer 2021, we are developing several much smaller training opportunities we call micro-courses. We’re also planning to pilot QLT Peer Observation Circles.
Bradford Owen
CSUSB: 1) Our Spring Virtual Teaching Program is underway - 32 faculty took or are taking the new Q3; 8 took Q1; all commit to developing a quality course based on the QLT core 24 instrument. 2) In anticipation of a possible "Yellow Tier" 50% cap on classroom capacity and our related AV equipment upgrades to 280 classrooms, we are planning PD/training in cosynchronous (i.e., simultaneous to on-site and remote students) teaching, probably via a self-guided CSU Learn course for maximum numbers.
Mark Laumakis - San Diego State
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Beverly Bondad-Brown
Cal State LA: 1) we have 50 people in our Designing Online Courses (DOC) program. 2) 27 people taking ACUE Lifelong Learning microcredential cohort and 33 people taking ACUE Active Learning in Online Environments microcredential 3) we just launched our new program TEACH certificate: https://www.calstatela.edu/cetl/teach-program
Catherine Hillman Cal Poly SLO
Cal Poly SLO is heading into spring break, and we will still be virtual in spring & summer but looking at a Fall migration back to campus, but with the idea that all faculty may choose their delivery method as long as they can accommodate students who cannot come to campus (very daunting!) I’m pushing the idea that we can leverage our online work into the future for hybrid courses & leading faculty through workshops in curriculum management (change of modality forms), and we are also trying to launch a new cohort of faculty peer reviewers for online courses.
Anne Soon Choi
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Chiara Ferrari
Chico State: we have 27 people completing the QLT workshop series (which includes the requirement to complete a final course review according to the Core 24). Our policy for the use of digital technologies for teaching and learning was approved by the policy committee and will be considered by full Senate on 3/25. Language was added about proctoring software and student rights. For Summer, we are primarily planning training for hyflex pedagogy, and educating about the ChicoFlex model: https://www.csuchico.edu/tlp/chicoflex/index.shtml
Eric Davis (he/him/his) - Cal Poly Pomona
~~Pomona QA Updates~~- Transition from Bb to Canvas (starting Summer 2021)! https://www.cpp.edu/canvas/- Recreation of our Quality Matters (QM) Bb Course Template in Canvas: https://www.cpp.edu/cafe/teaching-and-learning/bb-qm-template/- Repurposing our Summer Remote Course Design (RCD) program -- in which 985 faculty participated -- to aid the effective course design amidst transition to Canvas- Continued accessibility/QA workshops from our inclusivity champions (CHAI): https://www.cpp.edu/cafe/about-us/programs-and-events.shtml#chai- Weekly faculty group Q&A Zoom sessions
Megan Eberhardt
CSUCI - Faculty Inquiry Project (FIP) on Course Feedback circles going well. Looking at developing resources to support flexible course design (based on Duke’s flexible teaching) https://flexteaching.li.duke.edu/. Working on developing flexible pathways (training/development) for faculty to improve overall course accessibility. Presenting our THRIVE Faculty Development at EDUCAUSE ELI in May. Presenting on Accessibility faculty development models for CAPED in May. Summer so far is Humanizing STEM Academy through Learning Lab. We are in somewhat of a holding pattern for what faculty will want/participate in going forward. We do not currently have a stipend to offer. With change in leadership (president and provost), we should have a better idea of what direction we are designing toward. Flexible teaching is our focus right now since different programs will have different course modality and on campus options based on Chair & Dean direction.
Nancy Quam-Wickham
Long Beach update: Continuing with our Quality Enhancement program this spring - about 100 faculty completing self-/peer-review of redesigned courses prior to receiving stipends. All participants have taken APPQMR or IYOC courses. Another spring group going through QM courses this month and in April. Our summer program rolls out in early June, details still being worked out but IYOC is likely the requirement for faculty prior to doing peer-/self-review of courses. Other programs will focus on Hyflex, adapting to limited f2f course models for fall. Many of our PD programs are also offered through our CFD. We are in our second year of a COP Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion semester-long workshop; offer many micro-courses and two-hour workshops. Also have an Assessment conference coming up at the end of the month, primarily at the request of the COB.
Deb Perry, SF State
@Catherine, agree about bringing all of our new expertise into hybrid in the future!
Catherine Hillman Cal Poly SLO
@Deb I think we have a great opportunity this year to steer flexible learning into the future :-)
Megan Eberhardt
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Chiara Ferrari
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Chiara Ferrari
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Chiara Ferrari
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Catherine Hillman Cal Poly SLO
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