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Janett Silvers, CSUN (she/her)
Sorry for the delay. CSUN is currently interviewing for an ID position
Chad Harris - CSULB
At CSULB, we have a fairly ambitious hyflex program going
Chad Harris - CSULB
you're going out again, Mary
Sabrina Dean | CSULB
CSULB - College of Business is piloting Class this semester. We are reviewing our Quality Essentials 1 program and revamping it for Spring. Part of those requirements have faculty taking the DYOC and IYOC so we're hoping some faculty will take those this Fall. Here are our programs from Summer and there's also a link to Fall to see what's offered this semester: https://www.csulb.edu/academic-technology-services/instructional-design/faculty-development-programs
[sorry, only posting to chat, not able to be on vid/mic] Cal Poly SLO – we haven’t started the term yet, but our campus is returning with about 85% in person or hybrid (a few) courses. We are launching our workshops to address online modalities and addressing accessibility concerns, as well as a larger implementation of Ally into our Canvas courses. Our hope is to have a new program launching in Winter or Spring for reviewing the growing number of online courses (we host the Q1 efforts on campus under the QA, and more faculty have become Q2 certified). Still sorting through the challenges of returning to the classroom, but grateful to have found tremendous efficiency working remotely and serving our faculty in a manner that appears more flexible for our customers. We are remote for the foreseeable future.
Thomas Jenkins
In regards to Hybrid and Hyflex programs. We are seeing great success. Faculty have voiced their interest in continuing hybrid options into the 2022 Spring Semester.
Thomas Jenkins
Sorry- that Cal Poly Pomona
Kristin Denver (Sonoma State)
SSU just completed our Summer Institute with almost 100 faculty completing the level 1/level 2 programming. We are also working with targeted programs to try to build out at least 1-2 fully online degree programs (ECS, BUS). These are likely to be longer-term projects. Our fall goals include additional offerings of our Level 2 program and subsequent QLT certifications.
Shelli Wynants
Can't think of any major updates from CSUF - we are 65% f2f and all staff are back with no remote options unless approved accommodation, no new tech this semester, we aren't doing hyflex. But we are busy supporting faculty with Canvas LMS and current tools, along with professional development offerings
Glenn Pillsbury (Stan State)
Stan State is still remote until Oct. 1. We ran two Virtual Canvas Institute trainings this summer (c 50 instructors). Planning a Virtual Fall Institute in October with a weeklong series of workshops grouped into four “tracks” (Canvas, Video/Multimedia, Course Design, Accessibility). Ally has been turned on for all Fall courses and we’ve hired a couple of staff to help with remediation needs. Moving forward with improving faculty comfort with the Zoom/Canvas/Panopto integration. Looking at potential pilots with Engageli and Harmonize.
Chad Harris - CSULB
hyflex at CSU Long Beach: https://www.csulb.edu/academic-technology-services/classroom-support-services/classroom-types/hyflex-classrooms
CSUCI Megan Eberhardt (she/her)
CSUCI: We had 121 Faculty Complete Teaching for Learning Continuity (TLC) in August. We are not focused on Hyflex and are not setup for this approach.. We are continuing to build programming around flexibility based on an asynchronous course backbone. Kristi O’Neil-Gonzalez has created a ‘brand in’ Learning Design called Accessibility and Inclusive Design (A.I.D.). We are making plans for AY2021-22 that includes Digital Learning Mentors (DLMs), Integrating OneHE, and Asynchronous Backbone, mixed-modality pedagogy
Chad Harris - CSULB
Eric Davis - Pomona
Cal Poly Pomona's Canvas integration adoption procedures can be found on our support page: https://www.cpp.edu/cafe/teaching-and-learning/lms-support/
CSUCI Megan Eberhardt (she/her)
Thomas Jenkins
CPP - Other updates: Development:More than 1000 faculty registered for this year’s Summer 2021 Professional Development for Inclusive Polytechnic Education. Funding from the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund (HEERF) supported paid professional development opportunities for faculty as we prepare to safely return to campus. This year’s opportunities included:Canvas Champions “Introduction to Teaching with Canvas”Canvas Champions Workshop SeriesCAFE’s Inclusive & Equitable Hybrid & Flipped Course Design Experience 2021ACUE MicrocredentialsChancellor’s Office Quality Assurance Courses (Quality Matters and Quality Learning & Teaching)
Janett Silvers, CSUN (she/her)
Northridge finished the eLearning Summer Institute where faculty worked with the QLT rubric for self-review and a peer review. We started a pathway for QLT certification with a pilot group. The instructional designers are also part of the campus group training and supporting the HyFlex pilot. We continue running the Get Up to Speed with Teaching and Learning asynchronous program and two yearlong ACUE cohorts on Effective Online Teaching Practices as well as other Faculty Development programs in DEI and also support for the campus new faculty.
Chad Harris - CSULB
Here is our faculty-facing hyflex training involving ID's at CSU Long Beach: https://www.csulb.edu/academic-technology-services/instructional-design/hyflex-instructional-techniques-program-fall-2021
Shelli Wynants
CSUF - forgot to share this update: We posted our inaugural Virtual and Online Innovations and Curricular Enhancements (VOICE) Awardees (created to showcase and celebrate faculty who have created innovative virtual and online learning experiences) http://oet.fullerton.edu/faculty_showcase/voice_awards.php
Lesley Farmer CSULB
CSUCI Megan Eberhardt (she/her)
Wow! Would love an ID CIG presentation on this topic!
Shelli Wynants
Sharing the keynotes posted from Cal OER conference. Other presenter videos will be up soon: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfjv_3A5XwX5kt9mGe-LD2w
Michael Miguel, Fresno State
Michael Miguel, Fresno State
If you open the link to the collaborative OER text in Chrome, you can click on the “English”version on the right side of the web address line
Glenn Pillsbury (Stan State)
Would it be possible to get the names of the folks who completed the training from our campus?
Naat Jairam (LA)
In Summer 2021, Cal State LA introduced the new TEACH program, a comprehensive teaching and learning program with four badged pathways: Canvas and our Students; Structure; Engagement; and Assessment: https://www.calstatela.edu/cetl/teach-programFor faculty who did not participate in 2020's Alt-Instruction Program, there is a workshop sequence from six selected TEACH workshops. And then they have an option for Tier 1 and Tier 2 course building with a remote instruction checklist based on a Quality Matters.We now have three options within our "Online Course Development Program." Option 1 is our internal program equivalent to our Designing Online Courses program. Option 2 and Option 3 utilize QM workshops. All three options will be accompanied by a form of a campus peer review. Option 1 has 30 participants; Option 2 and 3 have at least 50 participants.
Marla Gunasegaram (CO)
Mary Bennett
Eric Davis - Pomona
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Mary Bennett
Mary Bennett mbennett@mail.fresnostate.edu
CSUCI Megan Eberhardt (she/her)
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Naat Jairam (LA)
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Janett Silvers, CSUN (she/her)
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