Online Course Services PLC 2021-2022 - Shared screen with speaker view
Shelli Wynants (Fullerton)
Michelle Dang - Sac State
We had positive interest in our new FLC focusing on course reviews.
Eric Davis - Pomona - CAFE Instructional Designer
Release of our Fundamentals of Accessibility eCertificate! Faculty-centric online asynchronous introduction to accessibility and UDL
Nancy Quam-Wickham (CSULB)
We have offered a variety of short workshops all January and into February. Many vendor presentations (e.g., play posit)
Rachael Jordan (Channel Islands)
CSUCI: We did a Spring Kickoff with our partnership with OneHE and our own Teaching and Learning Continuity (TLC) program. We have our Digital Learning Mentors connecting with new faculty as well.
Shelli Wynants (Fullerton)
CSUF: 3 courses ready to submit for QM course certification this month! 1 more in internal peer review. On track to meet our goal of 5 QM certified this academic year!
Megan Eberhardt (she/her)
CSUCI is presenting on a Panel with OneHE at AAC&U on Friday 🙂
Janett Silvers (she/her)- CSUN
CSUN just finished recruiting for three new ACUE cohorts. The Winter eLearning Institute is still going, moving to peer review phase with the our faculty mentors using the QLT rubric. In addition, we continue piloting QLT course certification and HyFlex on our campus.
Adam Mitchell (CSULB)
Yes, Nancy is exactly right. We at CSULB have been offering 4-6 week workshops winter and will continue into Spring and Summer 2022. We also are working on a couple courses finishing up our interview review process to send for formal review.
Adam Mitchell (CSULB)
CSULB: we have two participants going through the APPQMR face-to-face facilitator course as well as one participant who have completed a IYOC online facilitator course.
Mary Bennett, Fresno State
Fresno: The Online and Blended Subcommittee is making progress in getting courses approved, 1 course is currently going through QLT formal review and 1 more has been submitted for internal review to start the process
Daniel Soodjinda - Stan State
Stan State has a new cohort for the anti-racist online quality learning and teaching FLC, we have 11 faculty involved. Faculty have been super engaged and are motivated. Since we’ve moved to using the the anti-racist rubric, we’ve gotten more faculty from areas that have not been as represented in the past - such as Ethnic Studies and faculty who are more critical in their work.
Cynthia Melendrez (CSUSM)
CSUSM we have right now 9 courses for internal review, and 1 course will go through QLT certification. I am planning 2 workshops this semester. Also we are in transition new FC director, maybe new Fellow Faculty Online Teaching, and waiting to transfer to Canvas.
Gina Baleria (Sonoma State)
Sonoma State: We ran an Online Facilitation Fundamentals course over Winter break and are planning another for March or April… we’re doing some QLT course reviews… we’re exploring options for innovative use of indoor and outdoor spaces on campus.
Janett Silvers (she/her)- CSUN
Our faculty seems tired too. We definitely experienced a decrease in the registrations for professional development. Thus, the difficulty for recruiting for new ACUE cohorts.
Mark Laumakis - SDSU
We've had some emergency, temporary hires to support faculty, but I'm not sure if those positions when the federal dollars dry up.
Kathleen Arnold
Challenges for Cal Maritime: Departure of our Academic Technologies Manager with no backup. Turnover across campus including IT.
Megan Eberhardt (she/her)
Welcome Package from TLi: https://sites.google.com/myci.csuci.edu/csuci-faculty-welcome/home
Megan Eberhardt (she/her)
Capacity is a real challenge - OneHE is allowing us to do more with a small team.
Shelli Wynants (Fullerton)
Most of our professional development participation is small attendance too due to burnout. But our Blended/Flipped Design certificate filled with the max of 35 in one day - so it was the popular one. But we don't have enough people to run more than one cohort of it this semester.
Megan Eberhardt (she/her)
This lull in faculty engagement has made it possible to pursue projects with Writing and Mutli Literacy Center - launched flipped asynchronous workshops leveraging PlayPosit.
Adam Mitchell (CSULB)
Same, Mark. CSULB has hired a handful of IDs with HERFF funds that are temporary hires,. Tough to learn the campus with no long term permanency.
Mark Laumakis - SDSU
yes, agreed, Adam 🙁
Adam Mitchell (CSULB)
As a part of CSULB’s spring workshops, we’re requiring faculty to enroll and complete either IYOC of DYOC so good to see the reg numbers.
Mark Laumakis - SDSU
Andrea attended from SDSU
Janett Silvers (she/her)- CSUN
I ended up double booked today and have another meeting now. Great seeing you all.
Megan Eberhardt (she/her)
Same as Janett! Sorry - transitioning.
Michelle Dang - Sac State
Looks great!
Daniel Soodjinda - Stan State
It would be interesting to gather and analyze data from people who use the QLT rubric and see if there are any areas that faculty need more support with - such as areas relating to equity and inclusion
Daniel Soodjinda - Stan State
So that more targeted support can occur
Shelli Wynants (Fullerton)
I heard from Bev recently about this
Gina Baleria (Sonoma State)
Have to drop off - teaching at 10a. Thanks!
Michelle Dang - Sac State
Thanks Ashley.
Rachael Jordan (Channel Islands)
Thanks, all!
Kristin Denver - SSU
Thank you, Ashley!
Kathleen Arnold
Mark Laumakis - SDSU
Thanks, Ashley and everyone!