Ashley Skylar's Personal Meeting Room - Shared screen with speaker view
Owynn Lancaster (LA)
It's to help illustrate my Moon shaped head eclipsing the sun
Dr. Lesley Farmer CSULB
CSULB: champions (get college faculty get ready for fall), leaders (help dept. faculty get ready for fall), presentation symposium, self-paced online course, for-credit intro to online ed, SEL/equity webinars, college PDs...
Ashley Skylar
Megan Eberhardt
We use it for OTPP, BLPP, Learning Online 101
Alex Slabey - CSU Bakersfield
I believe Canvas uses Badgr for completing their training sessions. I think it was Canvas.
Megan Eberhardt
And in our 5 day workshops
Catherine Hillman
I'm doing a split screen - Pat James from the OTC on the left and Ashley on the right :-D
Megan Eberhardt
We are also using Badgr with Canvas for all of our Summer Programming in THRIVE
Catherine Hillman
OTC reminding us that the Supreme Court has blocked the attempts to stop DACA !!
Dennis Dahlquist (Sac State)
Catherine Hillman
I'm putting SLO in chat: we received additional funding for our IOTL online boot camp workshops this summer, so we will pay stipends for all 200 faculty involved, plus we're developing a team of faculty to teach other workshops for summer to accommodate about 300 total faculty this summer
Catherine Hillman
Dennis thank you - that's a great link!
Jeff Suarez-Grant (LA)
LA continues to offer our Alt-Instruction program. We’ve awarded 117 certificates so far, faculty completing the entire program including submitting an artifact. Over 1093 faculty have taken at least one workshop that’s part of the series. We’re seeing webinar attendance in the 80 person range. The program workshops will be offered weekly through the end of July.
Megan Eberhardt
We have approximately 258 faculty enrolled in CSUCI T.H.R.I.V.E. which kicked off this week: https://www.csuci.edu/tli/summer-2020/index.htm. This includes a common orientation (3 modules). A foundation course (6 Labs i.e. Modules) and 5 Enrichment Microcourses w/about 3 modules each). Equity is threaded throughout. Lorna is managing our those who preferred to participate as a Professional Learning Community. Independent Participants create and submit a Personal Learning Plan. All Participants complete a Capstone Project. With successful completion faculty earn a $1500 stipend and THRIVE Digital Badge. There are badges for the Foundations Course and MicroCourse. We are also offering Webinars on Wednesdays.
Owynn Lancaster (LA)
90 minute max for our webinars
Megan Eberhardt
Dennis Dahlquist (Sac State)
I have to leave for another meeting, Thank you Ashley for the meeting
Eric Davis (CPP)
~~Pomona Updates~~- Just kicked off 6-week Remote Course Design (RCD)¹ program for 600+ faculty across 16 faculty facilitator-led cohorts!- Another 6-week RCD¹ starts mid-July.- Continuing Fundamentals of Accessibility eCertificate development, an asynchronous accessibility/UDL experience for faculty, as part of our eLearning Accessibility Champion (EACH)² program.¹More info about RCD: https://www.cpp.edu/facultycenter/programs-and-events/²More info about EACH: https://www.cpp.edu/facultycenter/each/
LindaWoods, ITS, SDSU
SDSU - just cleaning up the notes - We have 3 sessions, each lasting about 3 weeks. Four modules are required (online pedagogy) and 4 electives on everything from Canvas to Google Suite to teaching languages online to various media production. We have participants divided into about 30 different Peer Mentor Groups. They can get help from their mentor, group, the module designer, or in our general faculty support session held Mon-Fri. Participants must score 85 percent or more to get the $1000 stipend. Faculty say they love it but it is challenging (the pace, the content).
LindaWoods, ITS, SDSU
Pause while she throws a piece of steak
Ashley Skylar
ID List serve - please review: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/11p6CbZ2TOJkpKTf3AQKpU2fg08ancLgZlpFciiETmfQ/edit?usp=sharing
Catherine Hillman
Cal Poly is correct on the list!
Catherine Hillman
Thank you Ashley! OTC keynote is happening now - http://onlineteachingconference.org/agenda/
Jeff Suarez-Grant (LA)
Thanks Ashley!
Owynn Lancaster (LA)
Thank you, Ashley!
Naat Jairam (LA)
Thank you!
Eric Davis (CPP)
Thanks all!